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Let’s face it. Creating website content can be a bit intimidating.
I mean, there you are with your live website. Yet, it’s empty.
It can be a bit overwhelming having to look at all that whitespace.

Copywriting your own website is like acting your algebra.
It’s just too out of reach. You feel like you’d want to give up before it even started.

You started viewing other websites. Looking how well their content was created seeing how well their digital marketing was implemented you felt a bit of envy.

Did you wish your site was already like that?
Is it really that difficult to be a copywriter?
The truth? It’s not. As a matter of fact, even a beginner can do it, and that means even you can do it.

The problem with copywriting is just like what I said it was in the beginning of this article: it’s intimidating.
It’s one thing to create a compelling copy and it’s another thing to actually edit it.

When we talk about copywriting, you can bet that you won’t get it right the first time around.

The only way people are going to buy stuff from your site is if you present them with a compelling and convincing copy.

With that, you better make sure that the copy you’re providing them is free from errors.

I mean, you’re not even sure that after you do all these, people are really going to take a bite.

That’s some scary stuff, huh?

But here’s the deal: if you look at copywriting as a whole then it could as well be the most difficult thing in the world, but not if you break it down into six easy-to-follow steps.

Talk about what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you


What does that even mean?
You see, when people sell stuff, they do sales talk. They talk about features. They talk about the prices.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with those things.
It’s just that, those aren’t the things prospective customers want to hear. Rather, they are things salesmen live to hear.

Salesmen want to hear about much how much they are going to earn.
Customers just want to know how the product or service you’re selling is going to be of any benefit to them.

So, give them what they want. Don’t make them think how a specific feature is going to be of any use to them.

Be specific


Tell them exactly the results they’re going to get from using the product.
To say it simply, highlight the benefits, not the product nor the features.

Here’s a simple formula to help you instigate a good copy which we got from our helpful friend kickofflabs:

1. Think of your product as a solution
You’re not supposed to only think of it that way. You’re also supposed to apply it in your copy.
2. Show your customers how they are supposed to use your product to get them the results that they want.
It’s useless that they know your product is useful if they don’t even understand how it’s supposed to work.
3. Make your product appealing by making plausible guarantees.

Make your writing simple

At this point, nothing is more important than having your audience understand what you’re selling them.

Most people make the mistake of using highfalutin words in order to impress their audience, but the thing is there is only one way to impress them: prove that their product is worth it.

By using words that they don’t even understand you’re just discouraging them from even reading up to the end of your landing page.

They are sure to jump to other sites and never come back if you use difficult terms.

Remember that the most important thing is that you are able to sell, and the only way you’ll sell anything is if people understand what you’re selling.
Just use layman’s term since you don’t have any idea who could be looking at your site.

If you’ve come across a customer that works in the same industry then good for you but there is no guarantee.
That being said, you should play safe and stick with terms that anyone can comprehend.

The headline should say it all

Well, technically the headline should be short, but what I meant about the “headline saying it all” is that it should immediately capture a reader’s attention.

You’ll only capture a reader’s attention if your headline already gives a brief overview of what’s amazing about your site.
Don’t go for long headlines. Rather, go for headlines that are short, but are active.

Go for ones that give off a certain jolt.

Write relevant content

Let’s face it. No one is going to read ads.

Lots of people find reading boring.

You’ll only get people to read of there is something in your content that sparks their interest.

With that, you better know who your customers are supposed to be.
That way, you know the kind of relevant content you’re supposed to throw at them.

Your role as a businessman isn’t to sell. Rather, it is to gain people’s trust.

People will only buy your products or services if you’re someone they can trust.

The only way to gain their trust is if you throw in content that doesn’t intend to sell, but to satisfy their interest.

Dedicate some time for research

Giving your site some relevant content isn’t enough.
It also has to be based on factual information.

People aren’t stupid. They know if you are just playing them.

They know sale schemes all too well. If you want to sell then the trick is to give them what they want and apparently what people really want is content they can actually use. They want content that is not only relevant but also high quality.


It’s like I said. People aren’t stupid.

Even so, you still have to clarify the obvious. If you’re featuring a new type of shampoo that’s going to keep the user’s head from getting dandruff, then the customers know that you are trying to position yourself as the world’s number one shampoo brand.

That’s too obvious, but that shouldn’t stop you from saying it in your copy anyway.

Some last thoughts

The point of copywriting isn’t perfectionism. It’s about sending out a message. So, if you know something that will help you do that then do it.
Just because, I’ve only mentioned these six techniques, doesn’t mean you’re obliged to stick with it.

Take chances. You never what kind of communication customers are going to bite.


Cris is the founder of Writing Jungle. Content writing is her greatest passion, and as such, she knows and the ins and outs of content writing. She started of as a content writer for an SEO company, but later on, she decided to share her expertise and experience to the world, open to anyone who dares to reach out. She decided to go global. Thus, Writing Jungle was born.

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