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Oh, it’s one thing to write content. It’s another thing to write one that’ll glue your readers into their monitor. Writing content for your website is such a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to drive customers or trying to get a page to rank.

Words are eternal. They are the only thing in this world that are free, but once you learn the art behind it, you’ll be surprised how much power the written word has.

It can drive capital. It can be the greatest factor in your career. It can make you famous. It can do a lot of things. It’s like I said. Words are eternal. It can do practically anything for you, given that you in turn know how to use it.

So, let’s get started.

Why are you writing content? Why do you need the content for your website?

Maybe you’re trying to drive traffic into your company website. Perhaps, you’re trying to drive more clients. Maybe you want a specific website to rank in Google.

Well, whatever it is, you know that a compelling content is everything you need. Unfortunately, crafting a compelling and high-quality content isn’t as easy as it seems.

Just because the content that you’ve written seems compelling for you, that doesn’t mean that other people are going to see it the same way.

So, how do you write content that your readers will love?

Research, research and research

writing content for your website

You need to write in a certain way in order to hook readers, but before you get to that, you have to prepare a bucket filled with great ideas.

Your ideas are the core of your content. If your ideas are dull or uninteresting, then people are not going to care about your content.

You see, it’s not enough to spend a few hours a day for research. If you really want to make the most for your content, then you have to stay alert at all times for possible content ideas.

The thing is you never know. Maybe you’re just scrolling over your Facebook news feeds when suddenly out of nowhere, there’s an awesome content that just popped up in the screen.

It’s one of those sponsored ads that just pop up in your newsfeeds once in a while. The kid who wrote the content is new in the industry, but he’s got some pretty insane ideas.

At this point, you have the option to either scroll down and read it for later or start reading it now.

I suggest you do the latter.

There is no excuse for letting good content go when it’s already hanging right under your nose. If you don’t look at that content now, then chances are you’re never going to find it again anytime soon, and you just gave away the chance to read brand new content.

Afterwards, you’re going to have to stick to old and generic content everybody else is using in the internet.

Well-written content isn’t enough. It also has to be unique.

Remember that the goal is to hook your readers. If you base your content on the same resources that everybody else is using then you won’t be giving your readers anything to be excited about.

Write in your own voice

writing content for your website

There’s no need to get all technical with your writing. It’s not like you’re writing a thesaurus.

There are loads of people who want to appear smart in their writing, but this time, all you really have to do is to be understood.

That’s really all there is to it.

You want people to get hooked. You want them to think: “wow! This is some great content”.

Well, in that case, I’ll give you a tip. Don’t make them feel as if their reading the same content that they were reading an hour ago.

Yours should be a bit different.

There are different kinds of readers, but they all have one thing in common. They don’t like imitations. They don’t like copycats.

They want something original.So, let’s give them what they want.

Honestly, there is no way, anyone can pull-off a completely original blog post. We can’t come up with something that doesn’t already exist, but that is not an excuse to go of copying another person’s work.

Well, I’m not really accusing you of plagiarism, but whether we all admit it or not, we use other articles as basis for our own content.

As much as we want to be honest and transparent with our audience, we don’t want them to think that we don’t write about our stuff.

We just can’t leave them with the impression that everything that we say is based from somebody else’s point of view.

You should write in a way wherein you readers won’t have to look at the byline just to know that you were the one who wrote it.

Your writing should speak for itself.

Go for a different angle

Let’s go back to being original.

You want your readers to be engaged with your content. It’s the only way you’ll be able to bait them towards your call-to-action.

It’s the only way you’ll be able toget conversations.

But let’s face it.

There is no such thing as originality.

Every original content that you’ve seen in the internet were all gotten from an already-existing content.

Sad to say, but that’s just how it goes.

You can’t create something that hasn’t existed yet. The human brain is just too limited for that to happen.

You can however create something new out of an existing creation. You can create a better one.

If you write content about a popular topic, chances are people will be glad to read about something with a twisted angle. Their engagement meter will pop.

Talk only about a single topic

We talked about all the things that will get your reader to love your content, but i saved the best for last.

In order for your rear to get engaged with your content, you have to make sure that they understand it.

I think you already know where I’m going here. You have to stick with your topic. Otherwise, your reader will become confused.

There isno way you’re going to sway away from your topic on purpose, but as soon as you start writing, you might get a bit carried away.

The next thing you know, you’re already jumping from one topic to another.

Be mindful when you’re writing. That way, you will always stay on the right track.


Cris is the founder of Writing Jungle. Content writing is her greatest passion, and as such, she knows and the ins and outs of content writing. She started of as a content writer for an SEO company, but later on, she decided to share her expertise and experience to the world, open to anyone who dares to reach out. She decided to go global. Thus, Writing Jungle was born.


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